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Feathered Hearts Wild Bird Sanctuary

Morrigan, the raven, is 4 years old and people who found her as a fledgling imprinted her. She can never be released due to† being imprinted.




Feathered Hearts is a non-profit wild bird sanctuary and educational center.† Itís mission is to educate the public on wildlife, conservation and rehabilitation. It is also a place for non-releasable wild birds to live out there lives in a humane way.

We are in the process of obtaining our 501(3)c status.

The birds at Feathered Hearts consist of a raven, crow, mourning dove, pigeon and starling.

The raven is imprinted, the crow and pigeon† have a damaged† wing, and the starling was born without a wing. These are the residents of Feathered Hearts.